Art Thou Speaking to Me

The Who`
I'm a female.
I'm an anime-aholic.
I'm a Rocky Horror addict.
I'm diggin' Hugh Laurie.
I'm reading Christopher Moore.
I'm watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
I'm overly dramatic.

The What`
What, what, in the bu--
Got any cool collections? Talk to me about them!
I have some of my own. Like Elmo.
Yeah, I collect Elmo dolls. I'll upload some pictures and talk about new finds.
I used to collect Grateful Dead bears, too. Those things are freakin' sweet.

The Where`
I'm a quote-a-holic.
House M.D. Quotes:
"Everybody Lies"
"Do you ever watch "Gilligan's Island" reruns and really, really think they're going to get off the island this time?"
"Humanity is overrated."
"Tests take time. Treatment's quicker."

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